Posted by: allisonwonder | March 27, 2010

Baby in a Big-Boy Bed

It just seems like this is happening too soon. I know most kids move to toddler/regular beds when they’re between a year-and-a-half and two years old, and Ike turned 2 in February… but it’s too soon.

Actually, my chiropractor says it’s past time. My lower back’s been a mess since I was pregnant with Simon (almost 5 years) ago, and it’s been really bad lately. I’m picking the boys up less and being careful about how I lift stuff, but now that the crib’s drop-side is “fixed”, it’s impossible for me to get my solid lump of toddler in and out of there without leaning over- and that, my friends, is a recipe for pain.

It’s just too soon for my poor brain. It’s not that I don’t want him to grow up- I can accept that even if I don’t always like it. I’m just not ready for Hurricane Ike to be free in his bedroom, completely un-caged. It’s a terrifying thought! There are toys in there. And books.  There are clothes, people! The child is some kid of mess-making prodigy, and there’s zero chance that he’ll decide to leave that temptation alone and just go to sleep any time soon.

Last night was The First Night. AJ brought Simon’s old toddler bed up from the basement and set it up while I was making supper, and Ike was pretty excited. He loves playing o everyone else’s beds, and now he’s got his own!

It was still a few hours until bedtime at that point- he was just practising.

He went right to bed at bedtime, but we weren’t naive enough to think he was going to stay there. He stayed in bed for a few minutes… and then we heard footsteps. Then the sound of dinky cars hitting the floor. Then the beads-on-wires toy. Then a little hand on the doorknob.

We didn’t want to open the door unless we had to; we didn’t really expect him to go back to bed, but anything’s possible, right? But then he started knocking on the door and saying, “Mama? Mamama? My Mama?” I couldn’t take that, so I went to scoop him back into bed. He was at the door with Humphrey (his ridiculously large hippopotamus) in one arm, and he pushed past me and marched out to the living room. “Haa, Dad!”

Five minutes later he was back in bed. I know the theory is that you should put them straight back to bed, no talking, no cuddling, no nothing, but that doesn’t work for Ike. If he’s crying, he can go for at least an hour without letting up- we’ve never tried for longer. It’s faster to make sure he’s calm and then put him back. That time he stayed in bed for 10 minutes before we heard him knocking. I went in and scooped him back into bed, gave him a kiss, and left- and he ran back to the door crying, knocked and yelled, “DADADADADA!” Clearly, I was now the enemy. Told you it didn’t work! Out to Daddy for comfort, then back to bed. Again.

The next time he came out he sat on the couch with us for a bit, and then I pushed a shelf over beside the bed to block him in. He could have got out at the foot of the bed very easily; I just wanted to keep Humphrey from falling out of the bed and maybe give Ike the feeling of being in his crib. AJ put him back to bed and gave him a bottle of water, and we waited. We heard a few noises, but no crying. An hour later we were reasonably sure he was asleep, and I went to check on him.

The little guy was passed out across the foot of the bed- so close to escape! I hauled him back up to the pillow (NOT good for the back, but what can you do?) and kissed his smooshy cheek. He slept peacefully…

…until 5:20 this morning. Then he was up and about, and there was no way he was going to get back in that bed, thanks very much!

There’s definitely something to be said for a baby cage.


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