Posted by: allisonwonder | March 23, 2010

My New Booooooots!

I finally got rain boots. Yippee! This is VERY exciting for me- rain boots are one of those things I’ve wanted for years (how else can I splash in puddles?!), but that I couldn’t justify spending the money on- even $15 at Wal-Mart, or $25 for the plaid ones I wanted last year. Money’s still frequently tight (like in January/February, when we spent that minor $1500+ on fixing the car for the second time in 6 months), but there are small signs things are looking up. Like being able to get BOOTS!

Yeah, they’re the $15 Wal-Mart ones. I decided that getting something with a pattern just increased the chances I’d get sick of them and want new ones next year, so I went with the blue ones. Now I just need a rain coat, and I’ll be all set for spring!

Yep, them there’s my new boots. Also possibly the greatest knee-high socks on the planet, courtesy of my brother and his fiancee.  I am SO FREAKING COOL.


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