Posted by: allisonwonder | March 18, 2010


Another beautiful day, another attempt to show the boys that being outside is WAY better than staying in and watching TV. Since it was kind of warm (comparatively speaking- it IS still March) and not too windy, we made a portable lunch to take outside to the back yard for a picnic. Mmmm… grassy food!

Fix your hat, Dude!

It wasn’t anything fancy. Neither of the boys really likes sandwiches (other than Nutella, and we try not to that too often), so we took cheese and crackers, apple slices and peanut butter, plus water for me and chocolate milk for the boys. It went pretty well- they actually ate a bit before Ike wandered over to the fire pit and brought back some little rocks to toss all over the blanket (and the food). Simon ate more than he usually does for lunch, Ike not as much. Neither of them was interested in trying peanut butter on the apple slices… crazy people! That’s about the only way I like peanut butter. More for me, I guess.

Mmmm... dead grass! YUM!

After that, the boys putzed around the yard, as they’ve been doing for a little while each of the last few days. There’s almost enough space out there that they can stay out of each other’s way; even when they don’t (like when they’re both playing in the pit), they’re starting, once in a while, to play together. Simon tries to boss Ike around, but Ike’s already sure that Simon’s not the boss of him. It’s all good.


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