Posted by: allisonwonder | March 17, 2010

Painting the Driveway Red (and Blue. And Yellow)

We’ve been having some amazing weather here in the last week or so. I’m not fooling myself into thinking spring is actually here- we’re as likely to get another snow storm or two as not. We’ve been enjoying he sun and relative warmth, though. On Saturday we (the little guys and I) wanted to go outside and draw on the driveway, but we didn’t have any sidewalk chalk. We DID, however, have water, corn starch, food colouring and “The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions”. Put together, that makes sidewalk paint. Yippee!

ingredients for sidewalk paint

The recipe calls for equal parts starch and water with food colouring added; the paint came out thinner than I would have liked, but adding much more cornstarch makes it too hard to mix. I’d also add more colour than the recipe calls for next time. It was good, though. The boys got outside and did some painting on the driveway and the front walk, got some fresh air, ran around a bit in the back yard when we ran out of paint.


The paint does the opposite of sidewalk chalk: chalk sits on the bumps in the concrete, while this stuff sinks into the cracks and low spots. If you could get the colours right (and had a LOT of patience!), you could do great pictures with a combination of the two. If you do, show me pictures! Alone, the paint was better than nothing, but I’d tweak the recipe a bit next time to get more colour and coverage.

When Simon and Ike seemed to be getting bored with the paint, I dumped what was left on the driveway. The paint went faster that way, but the colour was better. And it was so happy!

my face and Simon's blob

You know, if we’re ever really stuck, I think the boys would be good with just water and paintbrushes. The pictures don’t last as long (especially in hot, sunny weather), but water shows up well on light-coloured sidewalks and wood fences or decks. Easier clean-up, too.

Ike doing some touch-up work on the "S" I made for Simon

This stuff should wash away when it rains…


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