Posted by: allisonwonder | March 11, 2010

Simon’s Plants and a Very Intellectual Movie Review

Simon and I are going to try growing some vegetables this year. Ike’s certainly welcome to help, though I strongly suspect that his idea of “helping” will be to pull up every green thing that dares poke its head out of the dirt.

We can’t really start yet. I have a little plastic greenhouse thing so we can start the seeds indoors, but it’s still too early- they’d outgrow that thing before we could plant them outside. Simon was pretty excited when I bought the seeds, though, so we planted a couple of beans in a cup, just to see what would happen.

A week later…

Bean plants this morning

And here’s one of the things I love about a nice, sunny day: this is the same plants less than 2 hours later

lookin' up!

Is it just me, or is that amazing? I love how plants turn and stretch toward sunlight, just like I want to after a winter with too little sun and too much cold. I’m not crazy enough to think that winter’s actually OVER, but I sure am enjoying these mild days when we get them.

* * * *

AJ and I kind of got a date night last night. I say “kind of” because we went along with three people he works with, none of them a couple, so it wasn’t a group date or a double date. Whatever, we had fun, we had a meal, we saw a movie.  That plus babysitter for 7 hours (the movie theatre’s an hour away, and the movie started later than we expected) cost us a ridiculous $120. THIS is why we never go out! It would have been cheaper it we’d had time to eat early and just had appetizers at the restaurant, but this was really last-minute. Also, Boston Pizza is way too expensive. The food’s good, but it’s not THAT good.

But let me set my wounded bank-book aside for a moment and tell you about the movie. We saw “Brooklyn’s Finest”. It was… well, it was OK, some of the characters were interesting, but not worth $17 for 2 tickets and the time we spent watching it. The acting was good, and Ethan Hawke is very believable as a dirty, scuzzy, down-on-his-luck, frustrated policeman, but Richard Gere just isn’t believable as an old, worn-out anything. I’m sorry, he still looks like a wealthy businessman even when he’s doing a coked-out whore. Well, I don’t doubt that there are businessmen who DO that, but that’s not what he was supposed to be. Don Cheadle is pretty much great in anything… and I can’t watch Wesley Snipes in anything without seeing and hearing Noxema Jackson. Sad, but true. Blade? Noxema Jackson killing vampires. This? Noxema Jackson getting out of jail and selling drugs.

Ethan Hawke’s character (and this isn’t a spoiler so much as an early plot-point) has a crappy house, no money, and baby #6 (at least) on the way. Not to stereotype, but judging by all of the Catholic imagery in the movie, I’m thinking this is why they have so many kids. I felt for the guy- we know how bad it is having that problem with two kids- I can’t imagine with 6. But in spite of that, all I could think about was this:



  1. I have not seen that in years…thanks for the laugh Kathleen! I will be humming it all over the church this week!
    Love Marmee

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