Posted by: allisonwonder | March 8, 2010

Nice Weather- At Last!

We had amazing weather here this weekend. Not as warm as, say, Hamilton, ON (my mom says it was up to 12 degrees- can you imagine?), but it was sunny, and yesterday the wind wasn’t too bad. That’s what gets you here- it can be fairly warm and sunny, but that wind coming off the water can freeze your fingers anyway.

The boys and I spent some time outside yesterday morning. This was Sunday, and no, we weren’t at church. Again. We’d like to go more often than we do, but AJ’s shifts make it difficult: if he’s working Saturday night, he’s asleep Sunday morning; if he’s working Sunday during the day, he obviously can’t go; and if he’s working Sunday night, he has to sleep in that morning so he’s not exhausted at work. If I take the boys by myself they just get bored and distract me and everyone else, so we can’t stay, anyway. This being the case, we haven’t been since before Christmas.

Only one small fight over the ball. Amazing!

BUT- we found ourselves with a nice day yesterday, so while AJ was sleeping I took the boys out to the back yard. It was good. Simon didn’t stay out too long- it wasn’t the cold or wind this time, so I think he just got bored. He went in, and Ike and I stayed outside for a while longer. Ike chased one of the cats around for a while and found all sorts of interesting toys that we forgot to pick up last fall, and we got some sunshine and fresh air.

In the afternoon, after AJ was up and dressed and ready for his day off (Woohoo!), we all went for a walk down to the canal. It’s just a 5-minute walk even when you’re walking with a dawdling 4-year old- we’re so lucky. There’s a little beach down there (Simon has claimed it as “my beach”) that’s mostly rocks with a bit of very coarse sand, but it’s a nice spot to look for sea glass and for the boys to chuck rocks into the water.

AJ and Ike hunt for sea glass

We spent about an hour down there just walking around, picking up interesting stuff, and enjoying the first warm-ish day we’ve had since the start of winter.

So that was our day. Days when AJ’s off work are the best- no worries about what time we need to get home, and the boys are a little less clingy with him when they know he’ll be home all day.

The best part of all of this (for me, anyway), was that the fresh air and exercise wore the boys out enough that they went right to sleep at bed time, so I got some time with their dad with no interruptions. Life is good. 🙂

Ike enjoys throwing rocks into the water

I don't know what Simon was doing, but it looked VERY important!

The Canal


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