Posted by: allisonwonder | March 6, 2010

Gene’s Guitar

Speaking of activities and projects, here’s one of my past favourites: a recent attempt to build a toy “Axe” bass out of cardboard, duct tape and paint.

Why? Because Simon, like his Dad, thinks KISS pretty much the greatest band ever. He saw the Gene Simmons Axe controller for Guitar Hero (or whichever of those games it’s for) at Wal-Mart and decided it just might be the coolest thing ever. We didn’t buy it for 3 reasons: 1) It costs $70   2) it’s not Simon’s birthday, and even if it was, we don’t spend that much on anyone’s birthday   3) even if it cost $10, we’re trying to get away from buying too many “just because” treats.  Oh, and there’s the fact that we don’t even have whatever game this thing goes with. That, too.

At home, Simon just kept talking about how much he liked this guitar. “I wike Gene’s guitar.” “Gene’s guitar is COOL!” We explained that it costs a lot of money… so Simon brought out his little piggy bank (which is not a pig. It’s a snail). “I have lots of money!” Yep, he had $7 saved up in there. After we talked about the difference between $7 and $70, Simon decided he’d rather try making an axe. So we did. OK, mostly I did, because I knew he wouldn’t be happy if it didn’t look exactly like Gene’s, but Simon helped paint.

Yes, we have entered the "goofy camera smile" phase

I think it turned out pretty good. Simon has his Axe to play with (that sounds so weird…), and I hope he learned that spending a lot of money’s not the only way to get something you want. It’s a lesson I probably need to remember more often than I do. I think he likes it:

Rock on, little buddy. Rock on.


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